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Our Wonderful Congregation

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Karen and Dot with Fr Tom Anderson of Hope Church


Bud & Norma have retired from their many office duties, Thank you both for being so helpful and attentive to all our needs! We were truly blessed to have you!

Enjoy your Retirement!




Arnie our ushers


Dick and Pat one of our many snow birds







On Wednesday November 9, 2011, at a special ceremony at

Hope St. John‘s Parish the Sunrise Wood Carvers presented Hershel Lee with a hand carved cane in memory of his brother, Basil Lee, who died on Normandy Beach in France on June 6, 1944 during World War II.

Charles and Harriet Flanders helped carve the cane and were there to make the presentation as representatives of the wood carvers association. The carvings on the cane recognizes Basil‘s service and the award of the Purple Heart. Hershel was also presented with a framed acknowledgment of his brother‘s service to his country. We are reminded to keep all the POW, MIA and KIA from past and present conflicts in our prayers!

Photo by Bud Rick


Harriet a big WINNER from the Wood Carvers Club

Maggie with her winning smile

and Editor of our Newsletter


Rev Peter and his wife Ann


Our Volunteer


Rev Kahl

Sharing one of his famous sermons

Hope St John's Altar Guild

Norma, Shirley, & Jan (missing)

Karen & Dot at the
Business Expo at the Community Center
on t he old Wurtsmith Base

  Our organist's


RoseMarie & Fr. John


Marylou & Al

Beautiful Rosilee


Our visiting guest Kathrine Rose with Dot



Road trip with Maggie, Dot, Karen & Jan, to New Life Lutheran Church in Spruce, MI. for their Garden Festival, It was a nice time meeting members of their church, and see how they set up thier festival.

Mini Retreat with


Randy & Marli Brown


Bev with her beautiful smile

Shirley the BEST devil-egg maker around!

John & Karen


Penny worth a million pennies!!

















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